Spillestedet Stengade

Stengade 18, 2200 København N

The venue Spillestedet Stengade is placed in the center of Nørrebro and is a volunteer based venue. The profile presents a wide representation of most genres from upcoming to more established artists. Jazz has not been a focus through the years - but we are always looking for new exciting bands and coops. This years program offers award-winning instrumentalists, upcoming composers and well-known bands from the Danish jazz scene as well as new sounds from abroad. Our program can be found on our website www.stengade.dk. This is also available on smartphone and on app.

  • www.stengade.dk
  • info@stengade.dk
  • 3151 7271
  • Opening Hours: Kontortid dagligt 11-15. Koncerttider varierer.
  • Capacity: 200
  • Payment: Kun kontanter,Dankort,Visa,Visa Electron,Mastercard

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