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The Danish winter is long, dark and depressing and Frigjort Festival is still far away. But fear not, we’ve got your back! Come dance your winter-blues away, when the pan-Arabic disco-duo, TootArd, turns Grey Hall at Christiania into a sweaty 80’s Beirut-disco on the 9th of February 2024!

TOOTARD is an Arabic duo consisting of brothers Rami and Hasan Nakhleh hailing from the occupied Golan Heights. The duo combines Levant-tinted desert-rock and Arabic-influenced pop and disco into a dangerously danceable cocktail of steamy grooves and enticing melodies that are sure to set fire to any dance floor.

You may remember TootArd from Roskilde Festival 2023, where the duo turned Gaia into an ecstatic, flamboyant Lebanese nightclub - and well, if you don’t, you sure did miss out, but now is your second chance!

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