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Dusty Rag Jazz Band

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Dusty Rag Jazz Band is a young Copenhagen orchestra that carries on the jazz tradition from New Orleans, where street music is celebrated and danced to. Dusty Rag includes Danish anthems and Arabic dirges. The third album has been recorded and is on its way to be pressed.
Spend a warm Sunday in the company of the uplifting music of the Dusty Rag Jazz Band.

Line up:
  • Ali B Badreldin - Saxofon
  • Anders Hermansen - Sousafon
  • Andrea Crespi - Klarinet
  • Dwayne Clemons - Trompet
  • Emil Efferbach - Trommer/vaskebræt/ Vokal
  • Mikkel Hermansen - Banjo
  • Nada Dayeh - Vokal
  • Rasmus Rhode - Guitar / Vokal

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