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Cumbia Collective

Global DKK 120

No advance tickets

Our music is intended for a wider mix of audiences. Among them we have: Dancing audiences, music enthusiasts, the youngsters, South Americans, the elderly and families - bringing them all to the dance floor, we WILL turn your venue into a party!

We offer a unique show. Presenting a two hours show that can be split on demand, based on the need, composed by a mix of interpretations of South American cumbia hits and original songs, mixed with a touch of Salsa, Rock and Funk.
Our sound introduces our audiences to the warm South American vibes, but with familiar, modern and exciting elements, that spreads an atmosphere of joy and engagement throughout the show.

Line up:
  • Ole Pedram Behnam-Esmailian: guitar, Thomas Aslak: trommer/percussion, Tony Moreaux Charon: Congas, Thorkil Christensen: bas

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