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Aron B Trio

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The trio performs the music of Áron Bobály, the Hungarian guitarist and composer who is residing in Denmark. His distinctive style blends classical and South American guitar music, Eastern European folk music, and modern jazz to create a unique sound that is captivating and appealing to a wide audience.
With his compositions serving as a foundation and influenced by the jazz backgrounds of the other members, Péter Horváth on drums and Rasmus Emil Hegner Nielsen on bass, the trio’s performances are dynamic, spontaneous, and fresh. The improvisational elements of their music enable them to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional music styles, resulting in a unique sound that captivates a wide audience. It is this blend of structure and spontaneity that makes the Aron B Trio’s music so special and engaging.

Line up:
  • Áron Bobály: guitar, Rasmus Emil Hegner Nielsen: bass, Péter Horváth: drums

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