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Sabrina Brazzil

Global DKK 150 kr.

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Hailing from a vibrant northeastern region of Brazil, Sabrina brings with her the cultural roots of Bahia, enriching her repertoire with a diverse palette of sounds that echo the musical diversity of her homeland. Her authentic and captivating voice is a celebration of the rich musical heritage of northeastern Brazil.
Sabrina Brazzil's striking presence on stage and her unique ability to reinterpret songs while paying homage to great composers are distinctive features of her performances. Her talent goes beyond merely singing; it is a passionate celebration of the musical legacy of northeastern Brazil.

Line up:
  • Sabrina Brazzil (BRAZIL): vocals / Percussion
  • Marco Spallanzani ( ITALIA ): Guitar
  • Carsten Steen (DK): Drums
  • Jan Henrik Krogh( Dk) : Trompet

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