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VinterJazz From Hell Pt. 2

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Vinterjazz from Hell is a serie in Copenhagen during of the Vinterjazz festival that highlights jazz
through an experimental and improvised music lens. This year we continue our series at
Metronomen with a piano-focussed lineup including DJ-PJ, Synaptic Biosphere (processed piano/
electronics/guitar duo), and two improvised piano trio featuring Okuda/Thomsen/Turcerová and
20:00 Synaptic Biosphere
John Arne Rånes - custom built guitar, electronics
Matt Choboter - prepared piano, pre-recordings
(Jan Kadereit - present only in spirit, in the form of percussion samples from Bali.)
Encompassing states of trance, ritual atmosphere; collaged kaleidoscopes. One could say they
sound like music playing to an invisible cinema. At a moment’s notice the listener may be
transported down a slow moving stream of meditation; entering a cave of forgotten dreams;
enveloped within a sci-fi thri...

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Line up:
  • Synaptic Biosphere [John Arne Rånes & Matt Choboter]
  • Okuda/Thomsen/Turcerová, Oswald/Užameckis/Asheim, DJ-PJ

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