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Copenhagen Guitar Summit 2024

Eksperimental jazz DKK 50/70

No advance tickets

Have you ever wondered how many guitars you can get in a room and what they sound like playing together? If you come to the Copenhagen Guitar Summit 2024 you will find out.

I (PJ Fossum) have contacted almost every guitarist I know in Copenhagen and ended up with a 30 member guitar ensemble/installation. We will perform minimalistic text scores in Metronomen. Audience members are invited to walk around and take in the atmospheres of an absurd amount of guitars.

Line up:
  • Compositions:
  • PJ Fossum
  • Guitarists:
  • Pape Arce
  • Villads Bang Aalling
  • Lasse Bitsch Jensen
  • Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen
  • Francesco Colocci
  • Krzysztof Hadrych
  • Mikkel Hermansen
  • Mette Hommel
  • Harald Ingvarsson
  • Johannes Käsbach
  • David Sebastien Lopez Restrepo
  • Alfred Lykke Nielsen
  • Marijke Maes
  • Paweł Mańka
  • Jasmin Mebrouk
  • Jason Oberman
  • Ása Önnu Ólafsdóttir
  • Margaux Oswald
  • Jens Ozmec
  • Eros Pollaro
  • Tomas Rosendahl
  • Nicolai Rønde-Becker
  • Jason Shooster
  • Torstein Slåen
  • Oskar Tomala
  • Jeff Wagner
  • Hein Westgaard
  • Szymon Wójcik
  • Henrik Yeller

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