The 4th edition of Freedom Music Festival takes place in Copenhagen from August 28th

The 4th edition of Freedom Music Festival will take place between August 28 and September 2, 2018 at KoncertKirken (concerts), Cinemateket (films), and Insula Music (artist talks).

The Freedom Music Festival presents only the most interesting improvisers on both international and local scenes mostly performing solo and in duo constellations. The highlights of this year are: saxophone & pedal steel guitar duo of Peter Brötzmann [DE] & Heather Leigh [US], viola duo of Mat Maneri [US] & Tanya Kalmanovitch [CA], post-sacred-Javaian music of Teguh Permana [ID] & Yngel [DK], futuristic carnival music duo of DiáSPORA [US], saxophone duo of Anna Högberg [SE] & Signe Dahlgreen [DK], an interactive film/paintings/music experience with the trombonist Paul Hubweber [DE], filmmaker Ebba Jahn [DE] & double bass player Tomo Jacobson [PL/DK], a day of collaboration with the Austrian music collective Styria including a free improv big band featuring 40+ musicians, and much more!

There will also be a free improv themed documentary movie night featuring the internationally acclaimed ‘Milford Graves Full Mantis‘ (dir. Jake Meginsky, co-dir. Neil Young) from 2018, telling a story of one of the greatest improvising drummers, who has also been widely recognized around the world as a leading martial artist, heart scientist, acupuncturist, and herbalist; and a 1981 classic ‘Imagine the Sound‘ (dir. Ron Mann) featuring interviews with and musical and dramatic performances by the true legends: Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp, Bill Dixon, and Paul Bley.

The festival was established with a motto:
Freedom – Improvisation – Expression – Exploration – Now!

These five words encompass the festival’s mission and focus. We celebrate unique expression and exploration in music. We cherish improvisation and one-of-a-kind experiences it brings to the audiences. We strive for freedom. Our policy is also to aim for an equal presentation of both female and male improvisers.

The festival is organized by a double bass player and improviser Tomo Jacobson, who is actively involved in the Copenhagen free improv scene, as well as tours globally.

See full programme here: Jazz in Copenhagen