Vinterjazz 2018 tours the country from February 2-25

The 18th edition of Vinterjazz takes place from February 2-25 in 2018. The line-up of concerts will be continually revealed during November, December and January. The annual nationwide music festival was founded in 2001 and always takes place during February. Its role as a national gathering spot for venues and organizers, artists and audiences in both small towns and big cities is exactly what sets Vinterjazz apart from almost all other Danish festivals – a national initiative coming to fruition in a very local way. Vinterjazz also marks the beginning of a new season of concerts for the regional venues, local organizers, audiences and artists; the latter now able to tour again after a few dormant months, thanks to the increased concert activity at Vinterjazz. 2017 saw the attendance of more than 120 venues and organizers across the country, presenting more than 700 concerts. If you’re interested in participating as a venue or as an organizer at Vinterjazz 2018, write us at: