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Alessandro Cortini (IT) + Pamela Angela (DK) – FÅ BILLETTER

Elektronisk/beat Something Else DKK 180 kr + gebyr

Alessandro Cortini is one of the biggest names in modern electronic music and is the only Italian musician ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his involvement in the industrial band Nine Inch Nails. A true star will grace ALICE in February, enveloping the audience in beautiful melancholic, epic ambient compositions rumored to bring tears to the eyes. The concert is part of Vinterjazz.
Italian musician, producer, composer, and instrument builder Alessandro Cortini is one of the most prominent figures in modern electronic music. Best known for his beautiful, melancholic, and epic ambient compositions reminiscent of industrial and 80s electronic music, he relentlessly envelops the listener. Cortini’s love for synthesizers and his balancing of dark moods, grandiose tones, and pulsating rhythms are unique, making his compositions simultaneously textured and hypnotic.

Alessandro Cortini has been a longstanding member of the iconic industrial band Nin...

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